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One last post: Why this is 'good-bye' to this site, but not to the Captain America movie

When I started this site about two years ago, there was not quite the fuss being made about any upcoming Marvel movies in general and definitely nowhere near as much fuss being made about any future Captain America movie.  Heck, at the time we did not know who would be starring in the film or even know what the title for any future Cap flick would be. (of course since that time we have all learned that Marvel will be rolling out the film under the banner of: The First Avenger: Captain America and we have a near complete handle on who exactly the film's cast will be comprised of)  I think that at the time I started on here, I actually was playing around (in my head at least) with the idea of starting a blog site for each of the future Marvel movies that I knew were upcoming and that I was at all interested in seeing produced.  Of course we all know about noble intentions and how big plans can seem oh so doable at the start but soon enough they just seem oh so impractical.  That was my eventual realization with my brain wave of throwing up separate sites for those future movies.

Recently I have been thinking about how interested I was in doing something that covers or is inclusive of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole and not just one movie in particular. I have really had some fun putting up my opinions for the whole world to see - and they have been seen by more than  few visitors so far (try an average of 300 to 400 surfers per day at this point, stats backed by a site-wide statcounter that tracks how many unique visitors have come to the site)  I have come to the decision that maybe my time posting online would be better served if I were instead posting my thoughts to a website dedicated to the Marvel movies as a whole, and since I obviously do not have the mental fortitude to maintain several Marvel-based sites simultaneously, the only other alternative that seems left open to me is to - with somne trepidation - decide to close the door on any new posts to this here Captain America movie site and instead focus my efforts on just one Marvel movie blog.  Following this decision, I have taken the liberty of starting up a new blog called, appropriately enough, the Marvel Zombie Movie Patrol. Why the Marvel Zombie Movie Patrol? Well to be honest, I have considered myself to be something of a Marvel zombie when it comes to my interest in the marvel movie projects over the last couple of years, and years ago, I used to be something of a Marvel comics fan - almost to  the extent that I was sort of guilty of being a 'Marvel Zombie', lol.  I cannot deny it.  You can reach this new blog over at

 With this site I am looking forward to the freedom that it will obviously give me to discuss all things Marvel.  I chose to stay with Blogger as a platform because so far it has served all of my needs, and of course being a free host to use also doesn't hurt. (although in the back of my head there is the thought that somewhere in the not too distant future I might take the plunge and switch over to paid hosting and start using Wordpress or something similar, but who knows)  So feel free to check out the new(er) site and see what fanboy opinions I have to offer up, whether it be about the future Captain America movie in particular or about upcoming Marvel movies in general!

  One final note: I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the decent individuals out there who gave me and my funny little site the time of day, whether it was one of the many internet visitors or one of the many other Captain America fans out there who helped me out by exchanging links with their own Captain America websites, helping to make their followers aware that my site even existed. Most recently, I would like to thank Mr. Chris La Tray for taking the time out of his own schedule to put together a very heart felt opinion piece for this site; Chris is someone whom I consider to be a real blogger who is very dedicated to maintaining his own blog ( which actually gets real returning readers. (something that all bloggers long for)  Thanks again Chris.

  Finally, thanks to all of you for making this site a pleasure to keep going for the last two years, even when there wasn't really anything Captain America movie-related of note going on to talk about - that's when you realize that you are committed, or maybe need to be, lol...  Okay, everybody, this is the point in my ramblings when I say good bye and, I hope, subsequently hello to many of you on the other side of the Marvel movie rainbow...
All the Best,


Why one fan says, 'bring on the Captain America movie', ...

We're back!  It is early days into the Summer Season, a time when many a blog can hit the productivity skids, so to speak, with everybody finding more and more reasons to be out and about, and less and less reasons to be sitting indoors writing about some movie that is over a year away, lol.  Today, however, if you are reading this then you are twice blessed, because not only do I - the man-turtle of post writing - have a new post for you to enjoy, I have the real pleasure of presenting you with a guest post from a cool blogger by the name of Chris La Tray, who is easily as much of a Captain America fan as myself (if not more so!).  So without further ado, here are Mr. La Tray's thoughts on The First Avenger: Captain America...

Bring on the First Avenger!

I can remember the first time I saw a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. I was at some other movie and the opening trailers started rolling. Before I knew it, the music swelled while a straggled line of weary travelers moved across a mountainous landscape. My heart was in my throat – I knew immediately what it was, even though I hadn’t yet heard of the existence of a trailer. Seeing characters come to life that had been in my heart and mind since I was a kid was almost overwhelming. I had been anticipating the movie so much, and seeing actual scenes from the film stoked my enthusiasm for its release so much I could hardly contain myself. I was nearly verklempt.

I expect the same reaction the first time I see a trailer for Captain America – The First Avenger on the big screen.

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is one of those fictional characters that have been a part of my life as long as I can remember. He’s up there with Batman, Conan, Tarzan, and all the other heroic figures I read as a youth, whether it was novels or comic books. I had action figures, comics, t-shirts, everything that was available to a kid growing up in the 70s and 80s. Which is odd, because Captain America is such a “good guy” through and through, and my interests tend to run with characters that live a little more in the gray areas. But he was always so heroic, and really just a regular guy without the amazing super powers of his peers. Nonetheless, the strength of his commitment and convictions, and his ability to inspire others, was such that even Thor, the mighty God of Thunder, was willing to follow him into battle to save the world. I always thought that was cool. The old Avengers comics and Jack Kirby’s Captain America and Falcon stories were a big part of my childhood.

Which brings me to thinking about the new movie and the possibility that Hollywood might totally screw things up. I’m not all that worried about it. When it comes to their “big” movies; I’m talking the Spider-man franchise, X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, etc., Marvel has been excellent, especially with the first movies in whatever series they are rolling out. Hell, I’ve even liked some of the movies that others consider terrible, whether it is the 3rd Spider-man movie, the 3rd X-Men movie, the Wolverine movie, and even Ang Lee’s version of Hulk (though I have to admit hoping the Cap film is way better than any of those!). They weren’t all great, maybe not even good; but they weren’t necessarily terrible either. At their worst, they have at least provided a couple hours of escapist entertainment to experience with popcorn, which was what I’d hoped for.

We’ve seen the foundations for the Cap movie being hammered into place for at least three big, blockbuster movies. The moment I knew it had the potential to be awesome occurred during The Incredible Hulk (the one with Ed Norton as Bruce Banner). There is a scene where the military is trying to capture the Hulk on a college campus, and Tim Roth’s character (Emil Blonsky, aka Abomination) has already taken a dose of the “super soldier” serum in an effort to make him a match for the big green monster. Roth’s character is running circles around all the other soldiers, and then goes one-on-one with the Hulk and pretty much holds his own . . . for a while. Watching that scene, all I could think was how cool they would be able to portray Captain America in action. With The Avengers movie as the culmination of the work done on all these films – Hulk, the Iron Man movies, and the upcoming Thor movie – looming closer, I feel even more confident that the Captain America release will be among the best. Cap is too important to get wrong, and Marvel certainly understands this.

I’m pretty easy to please, though, I have to admit. When it comes to these movies I don’t get all wrapped around the axle over the leaks of tiny bits of minutia that emerge prior to release. I’ve heard the story about how Cap’s origin will be fiddled with so that he does time performing in some kind of song-and-dance routine, ala the USO, before getting in on the action in Europe (I’m very happy the movie is set during World War II, by the way). That notion may have me scratching my head, but I shrug it off. If I were writing the story I wouldn’t think of doing that, but knowing about it I can see how it could be managed and why, and I’m fine with it. Most recently there has been some concept art leaked of Cap in costume, setting off a storm of fans loving it and fans hating it. I think it looks cool enough, but nothing ever looks as good as a static image posted on the internet as it does when your ass is parked in the movie theater and the character is moving on screen, so it really doesn’t tell me much. I don’t see the point in getting overly worked up over the little details, at least not yet.

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America works fine for me, at least as well as anyone else whose name was mentioned, and certainly better than most. Hugo Weaving as Red Skull is perfect – I love that guy as an actor, and the dramatic nature of his voice will be awesome. I’ve very pleased with that bit of casting, and I’m stoked that Red Skull is to be the villain (the hero is only as good as his nemesis, right?). Everything else – other characters and who will play them – really don’t matter to me. We’ve got Cap and Bucky fighting the Red Skull in occupied Europe, and budget big enough to make it awesome. I think you’d have to make an effort to screw that formula up!

Captain America – The First Avenger has an excellent chance to be something special. The timing of its release, the importance of its success to Marvel’s future endeavors, and, most importantly, a timeless, somewhat tragic character steeped in heroic qualities perfect for the big screen should make for exciting adventure cinema. With Marvel’s track record, I’m confident in their ability to deliver the goods. I’ve always wanted to see Captain America on screen, flinging his shield and battling the Red Skull. It looks like I’m going to get my chance.


Chris La Tray is a writer and musician who lives in Missoula, MT, and travels the USA fairly frequently to poke his nose into
places where cool shit happened. He’s loved most of the recent comic-based movies, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and even had fun at the critically-despised Jonah Hex. He’d love to see a movie or HBO series based on Scalped. He keeps a blog about whatever pops into his head at any given time at and can be found socializing at and

A year before the Captain America merchandising blitz hits

A while back, I went and placed a big old ugly ad block at the bottom of my blog. Now I just did this out of a sense of curiosity. (really, does anyone really click these kinds of ads much anymore?) I was curios to see what kinds of ads, considered relavent to my site would be shown on there. Of course I already had my suspicions but I just wanted to see it for myself just to satisfy my suspicions.  What ended up being displayed on there was your typical mix of Captain America related merchandise: Captain America T shirts, Captain America Mugs, Captain America comic book collections (otherwise known as graphic novels), Captain America action figures, and even the old 1990's Captain America movie. Yep, pretty much what you would expect.

  So what was the point of me mentioning this here? Well I guess I am trying to illustrate a point about the influence of the future Captain America movie on the whole Cap franchise; beyond just the expected hype for the movie itself, we will be inundated with merchandising for the character, the likes of which we have never seen for him before. Right now, any search for Cap-related merchandise will give you a real mixed bag of stuff.  A year from now we will be almost smack dab in the middle of the media marketing blitz that we know will be coming; there will be  Captain America merchandise pushed at us from all sides, from restaurants to convenience stores to big box stores, all of them competing for our precious dollars.  It happened with Iron Man, remember?  A year before the movie therewas no deluge of movie related action figures or t-shirts or plush toys or coloring books, Now, it can be hard to remember what it was like before the movie since back then the character was not as high profile as, say, Spider-Man or the X-Men.

  I guess that the same thing could be said for both Thor and the Avengers: both may have some level of popularity with the regular comic-buying crowd, however I would argue that they are by no means as much a part of the public consciousness as Spider-Man, Iron Man or the X-Men, all of which have had a successful movie franchise to bolster their reputations with the moviegoing public.

I guess the point that I am trying to make, in a roundabout way, is that you should make a mental note of the Captain America landscape now, circa Summer 2010, because soon enough everything is going to change and in the midst of the Cap hype it might be neat to be able to stop and think to yourself, 'wow, things sure changed a lot in a year'.

  A follow up to this point is the idea that if there is a specific t-shirt or poster or other Captain America item that you have wanted to buy but have been putting off, you might want to go and get it now because it is pretty likely that a lot of the stuff out there will be discontinued and be dissapearing off of store shelves and online soon after.

  Along these lines, if you think that you might be shopping online at the official Marvel shop ( or anywhere else for such items then you should consider first going over to Mr. Rebates and signing up for free and then doing your shopping because you will get some cash back on your purchase.

Who knows, you might just save enough on your purchase to help pay the ever-growing price of a movie ticket next Summer...

IM2: Pumping up the volume for Thor, Captain America, and all the other Mighty Avengers

Okay, I did it: last weekend I got my ass in gear and went and saw Iron Man 2. It was a busy Friday night at the downtown megaplex, so it was a good thing that I had purchased my ticket online hours in advance. (As an aside to this, it is also pretty cool that the online ticket, printed out at home, lets you walk right by the long line-ups and right up to the ticket taker/checker and on to the theater)

  My thoughts?  Well, I don't really feel like getting into a serious review of the film right here and now, however I will say that if you liked the first Iron Man movie then you will most likely end up enjoying this sequel; there are enough of the same elements in both films and the principle characters get time to be more fully developed - even minor supporting characters such as SHIELD Agent Coulson are given some more face time to at least develop their personalities a little more.  I thought that Scarlet Johannson did a decent enough job with what she was given. (I did not think that her character was given enough time to be much more than a plot device for bringing SHIELD and Samuel Jackson tighter into the storyline)  I was okay with Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Whiplash as a foil for Robert Downey Junior, even though his character had nothing to do with the Whiplash from the comic book series that I read for years as a kid.

  There is no denying that the pre-eminent focus of IM2 was to show that Marvel has a larger World view when it comes to the development of their self-managed "Marvel Cinematic Universe". (their name for it, not mine)  I am not the first one to suggest that IM2 was not much more than a feature length trailer for the upcoming Thor and Captain America movie, as well as the eventual Marvel Avengers movie, replete with multiple references to the "Avengers Initiative", as well as several well placed hints to the Marvel movie future, however I am not at all complaining; If Marvel wants to aim high by hinting at much bigger and better things to come from them and can then deliver, hats off to them for it and for the large amount of enjoyment that they will most likely bring for moviegoers like myself.  For the record, I think that they can do it.

BTW, in case you haven't heard already: you really should stay until the end of the closing credits of IM2 for a neat little bonus scene. (similar to the Easter egg they gave us last time around at the end of IM1, and one which I won't spoil for anyone here)

BTW2, did you all know that the Ed Norton The Incredible Hulk movie is considered to be set  or take place sometime after the events of IM2 but before Avengers? The extra scene involving Tony Stark and General Ross at the end of the Hulk movie makes a lot more sense when viewed in that context, no?


 I have some rough ideas about what I will be hoping to cover with this here little blog in the next few posts; One thing that I am hoping to have is at least one guest post believe it or not.  I think that it sounds funny to be mentioning the idea of a guest post on a blog as esoteric as this, but if someone says that they have something to contribute who am I to turn a blind eye? (okay, so maybe I almost begged someone to write something for here, lol)

One thing I might do is blather on a bit about the way the merchandising landscape has changed for Marvel and how you can have fun watching it change again in the near future!

  Another idea I am toying with is the introduction of a feature that will look at the predicted reasons for any given future Marvel movie to succeed or fail; A Future 'PASS or FAIL', if you will, and yes it would be partly tongue in cheek.

  Okay it's late and I'm spent, so consider this me signing off...

The Implications Of IM2's Success For Captain America's Future Movie

Well this past week was a big deal for Comic movie fans. Last weekend the super-mega hyped Iron Man sequel, Iron Man 2 (crazy title, eh?) made it into theaters across North America. The movie had already been released a week before in some other parts of the world, such as parts of Europe, and had reportedly alrerady cleared $100 million from those advanced releases. That was apretty good sign of things to come over here and sure enough, over it's opening weekend, IM2 cleared waayy over that amount - however the exact amount eludes me at the moment. I had planned to see the movie over the opening weekend but a few things kept me from doing so; I was busy with my Mum on Mothers Day (ahh), I was kept distracted by the NHL Playoffs which have been crazy amazing good this year, and I tried to work my way through a few rental DVDs that have been sitting around awhile.

So there you go for some excuses.

The release of the new Iron Man movie also signifies something else - at least for me. The movie is a kind of herald of the next wave of Marvel movies that we all know are coming over the next few years. The first Iron Man movie was a first shot by Marvel to see if they could successfully produce their own feature films based on their line of Marvel comics characters - a very rich source of material for future film projects/movie licences. I see the huge success of Iron Man as being the public reassurance that Marvel needed to cement its plans to move forward on all of the other key film projects that it had waiting in the wings and which were all but confirmed at the time. These films include:

The Iron Man sequel, Iron Man 2
The Thor movie
The First Avenger: Captain America
The Avengers movie
A Possible Ant-Man project

See all of these films were ones that Marvel wanted to develope but that you just know they were kind of holding back from confirming dates on until they saw how well Iron Man would do. The success of IM is the reason we are seeing IM2 in theaters right now and the reason that we will be seeing all of these other Marvel movies over the next few years - as well as the reason that we can expect multiple sequels to such films as the Avengers or Captain America. Good thing Marvel believed in multiple picture deals with stars like Robert Downey Junior before he hit it big with Iron Man!

Another interesting thing for me is the success over the last six months or so of the 3D movie; i suppose that it is no surprise really that even Marvel wants to get on board this potential gravy train with new reports being released that Marvel Entertainment would like to have the Captain America movie be released as a 3D feature film. I am only okay with this plan if the film is shot for 3D (like Avatar) and doesn't just have the 3D effect parachuted in after the fact (ala Clash Of The Titans). If that were to be the case, I would probably go for the regular 2D version instead.

Okay that's enough from me: it's time for me to start thinking about going out and lining up for IM2...

The Captain America Movie: Casting Choices Have Been Made

I guess my first thought here is directed towards anyone who arrived here looking for the latest news updates on the Captain America movie; if you are looking for news that is less than 24 hours old, you will most likely be dissapointed. lol

I don't have any insider friends in the movie industry, I don't have any movie insider friends on Twitter (in fact I don't even do the whole Twitter thing at the moment - I know I probably should, but I don't) and I don't have a website with a daily deadline for space to be filled, so to those of you wanting page-one-of-Google-breaking-news on the upcoming Cap flick, you must have already passed the turn-off if you ended up here. ;)

Okay, that was my attempt to explain why I have not yet posted about some of the most recent casting announcements for The First Avenger: Captain America. Time to address that, eh?

Sebastian Stan as Bucky. Okay, I hear he was in the runnng for the lead and obviously didnt get it, losing out to chris Evans, so maybe Marvel/Joe Johnston liked what he had to offer and wanted to keep him in the project? I have not seen his previous efforts ( Gossip Girl, Hot Tub Time Machine) but he will be in at least a couple of films before he is seen in the future Captain America movie ( The Apparition and Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan with Natalie Portman ) so he will have some exposure by the time he appears as Bucky. Physically he looks okay for the part but ... isn't he abit old to play Bucky during WWII? I am assuming that he is in his twenties, and that the character he portrays in the Cap movie was in his late teens during the War. In the Sixties the Bucky character was retroactively killed off during WWII but recently Marvel brought back an older Bucky as the Winter Soldier (a brainwashed assassin for the KGB) so maybe they are casting with an eye ahead to future sequels which would require an older actor, but for this film it will be interesting to see how they justify having a Bucky not far off from Captain America in age. I will reserve judgement on this.

The other big casting announcement for the movie is of course the choice of Hugo Weaving for the role of the Red Skull. I love Weaving and think that he would be a very good fit for the role. I understand that we are still working with rumours about his signing on but it sounds like an almost done deal. I was at first concerned that he might have no original characters left in him, but realized that I probably don't need to worry. His adaptability as an actor could be key here; Weaving is use to portraying a character from behind a mask (V For Vendetta), supplying a voice for a CGI character (Transformers), while wearing minor prosthetics (Lord Of The Rings) and portraying coldly evil individuals(The Matrix), so what's to worry? Maybe just worry that he has not yet been completely confirmed as being cast yet? Well the movie starts filming in June, so we shall all know soon enough. Now I'm off to find something else to worry about...

A Chris Evans Captain America Movie casting rumour to (hopefully) end all rumours...

Well, I stated here before that I was going to hold off on posting much about any 'announced rumors' regarding who was in the running to be cast as Captain America in the future Captain America movie (and I know that with my last post here I kind of went against policy), however the latest rumour has followed a trtend that goes against most others so far so I feel justified in writing about it. A few days ago, the latest Cap rumour making the rounds was that actor Chris Evans had been offered the role of Captain America by the movie's producers; instead of this being followed a day later by substantial denials and dismissals, the rumour was instead met with mostly 'no comment' kinds of responses. Whenever you get that kind of response to a rumour you can bet that the agents of at least one of the parties involved would like the public to believe that it is true - for the sake of building up buzz around their client if for no other reason. Now this rumour went beyond all of those which see various young Hollywood leading men up for the part by being supplanted by brand new reports that are lent credence from at least a couple of sources and which claim that Evans has actually gone and accepted the studio's offer!

The report varies between him accepting a 9 picture deal and a 4 picture deal (with both claiming to include 3 Captain America films) which would see Evans taking part in the future Avengers movie as well. The following report from Lucas Siegel with Newsarama makes note of both a Twitter comment posted by Iron Man Director and Avengers movie Producer, Jon Favreau, as well as a comment made by an as yet unidentified Producer of one of the upcoming Marvel movie projects:

While not an official confirmation from Marvel Studios, Jon Favreau, who directed the two Iron Man movies and is a producer on team film The Avengers which will bring Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor together, just posted this on his personal Twitter account:

"Welcome to the new Captain. He continues the fine tradition of playing two Marvel characters!"

The Hollywood Reporter [earlier reported] that actor Chris Evans has accepted the role of Captain America in the coming film. The actor was, according to their sources, offered the role on Friday afternoon Mar 19, 2010, and "after thinking things over" has decided to play his third superhero, and his second major franchise from Marvel Comics. ... While the report has yet to be confirmed by Marvel or any of Evans representatives, THR is confident in their sources. Evans is 28 years old, and will fight alongside Robert Downey Jr., 45, and Chris Hemsworth, 26, in the coming Avengers film, as well as in his solo flick. In fact, the deal was rumored to be for 9 movies altogether, covering multiple sequels in both franchises, though Variety now reports that it is for 4; 3 "Cap" films and 1 "Avengers."

Personally, I did not really like Evans in the first Fantastic Four movie but thought that he was okay in the sequel. I was much more impressed with his performance in the movie Sunshine, which I saw on video late last year. I admit to feeling somewhat ambivalent about this apparent casting at this time since I see him as being capable of pulling off the iconic American superhero persona if given a decent script to work with. Of course we should soon expect to hear something official on the state of casting for the movie and then we can all have our 2cents worth on the subject...

Chris Pine is in for Captain America Movie? Maybe, maybe not.

I have to say that I am not really a fan of posting about any and all rumors that might just possibly be true, hence my lack of regular posts on here regarding the latest names dropped in the rumour mill for who will play the lead in the future Captain America movie, however this latest one I chose not to ignore because it comes just before the casting is supposed to be finalized by the movie's director, Joe Johnston. Word on the internet is that actor Chris Pine (most recently seen as Captain James T. Kirk in the hugely successful franchise-reebooting Star Trek movie) is in negotiations with Marvel and Paramount to play the lead role of Steve Rogers/Captain America. Although this story has been reproiduced in many different places, it seems like it originally sprung forth from one initial report. We all know how shaky that can turn out to be.

Ironically,just as I might be offering up my own opinions about whether or not this would be a good pick for the role of the iconic super hero, I came across a report that seems pretty reliable that pretty much dismissed the Chris Pine rumours; website posted some feedback from sources closer to Pine claiming that there has been no real offer from Marvel or Paramount for the part of Captain America in the movie. You can see their take on this here.  It is at this point that I also feel that I should apologiseif anyone else feels that this site is starting to feel just a little too much like another one of those run of the mill gossip blogs or another celebrity blog. lol

So much Captain America Movie news to sift through (and a few dancing girls, too!)

Okay, here's the deal.

Recently, we have started to hear a lot more with regards to the details surrounding the upcoming, The First Avenger: Captain America movie from Marvel. In fact we have started to really hear a lot about it, and soon enough we will be hearing more because the principal casting is (hopefully) going to be completed and announced to the World by the start of next month.(according to the movie's Director, Joe Johnston) Originally I had intended to update this here blog with seperate updates or posts with the requisite interview clips reproduced as the various bits and pieces were made available to us, however I think it might just be more prudent if I just put forth summaries of movie update info with less posts. (yes, I am lazy, but that is not the only reason for this decision, lol)

The most recent updates of interest came from the series of press interviews that Johnston gave for the imminent release of his movie, The Wolfman. Johnson was kind enough to reveal in those interviews that the main villain of the future Captain America movie would be the Red Skull. Really this is probably no surprise to anyone with any working knowledge of the Captain America character, since the Red Skull is such an integral part of the whole Captain America mythos. Even today, with the Death and recent Rebirth of the character, the Red Skull played a key part to both storylines.

Another really cool piece of news (at least to me) is that we now pretty much know how they plan to justify the character's costume in the movie universe; according to Johnston, the costume will originally be introduced as the on-stage performing outfit worn by Cap during an initial point in the movie when he is used by the military as solely a USO performer to help boost troops moral overseas. The idea here is that the military is too afraid of losing their one of a kind super soldier (Cap) to enemy fire and so decide to relegate him to stage duty as a song and dance man. Seriously, I kid you not. Following with this idea, the first version of the costume will be a based on the original Jack Kirby design that was first seen in the comicbooks. After Cap abandons the USO tour the costume is expected to be transformed into a more realistically designed version of the flag-suit, such as that seen in the Marvel Ultimates universe.

So we could see a metamorphosis along thse lines:

The Kirby Cap...

'Now, for my next number...'

Finally, its time to get 'real'...

One last thing to pass along at this time is the fact that Johnston admitted that the WWII super-group, The Invaders could be a big part of the second half of the movie. Its interesting to see Marvel maintain this idea since that group was originally a creation of Roy Thomas during his time spent with Marvel in the Seventies which has been used effectively in recent storylines in the regular Captain America comic. If this indeed ends up being the case, it will be interesting to see if there is any similar retro feel to the use of these characters that I believe was present during some of the newsreel footage scenes of Watchmen.  With all of these costume possibilities floating around, it makes me wonder what we can expect to see down the road when the marketing storm that will be the Captain America movie touches down: will we see some retro Cap toys such as action figures or even bobbleheads adorned with several variations of the Cap costume we have come to know over the decades?

For additional information on any of the following, please visit the following sites:

And Captain America will be played by...

Okay I am being a bit premature here. Honestly, there has been no announcement yet regarding who will be cast to play the iconic Marvel Super Hero, however we have just heard from the Captain America movie Director, Joe Johnston, how things are shaping up on the lead actor casting front. During the press junket to promote his most recent movie, The Wolfman, Johnston made some significant comments about where he is at in regards to casting an actor for the title role in the upcoming The First Avenger:Captain America:

"We need to cast it soon," Johnston said. "We have a very short list, but we're still juggling actors here. I'd say within the next couple of weeks we'll have ourselves a Captain America, I hope."

As for who will actually play Cap, Johnston either ain't saying or can't yet say. Rumored actors include everyone from Will Smith to Aaron Eckhart to John Barrowman.

As for when the movie will shoot? Johnston said the movier is still "fairly early" in preproduction. Shooting won't start until the end of June, he said, "but we're getting ready to go to the U.K., it looks like."

As for the story: "It's the kind of thing where, while I'm not necessarily a comic-book fan, I think the interesting thing about this guy is that he's a superhero without any superpowers, basically," the director told us exclusively while promoting his current film, The Wolfman. "He is the epitome of human perfection. He can't fly and throw tanks around and see through walls and things like that, but he's strong and runs fast."

Johnston added, "And the interesting thing about this guy is that he starts out as a 98-pound weakling and he becomes this Adonis. How does that affect his arc in the story? How does that affect where he goes and what happens to him and everything? I think that's the part of the story that was fascinating for me. And, of course, being a Marvel movie, there's fantastic action scenes in it and all kinds of great stuff. But there's an interesting story there as well." (courtesy of

So, that is very interesting indeed. No name to drop yet but it sounds like it will be dropped soon. Pretty much the casting will be the next big event for many after the Winter Olympics, lol. Also interesting to think of some of the names that we have heard rumoured over the last 12 months or so; such actors as Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Aaron Eckhart, Sam Worthington and John Barrowman have all hadtheir names bandied about. Well, in a few weks this speculation will all be moot.

A new Captain America movie trailer (sort of).

Okay, obviously since production on the future Marvel movie, The First Avenger: Captain America, is not scheduled to begin until June 2010, there is little likelihood that there would already be any kind of official trailer released for it yet, however that is not to say that there are no trailers currently out there for a future Captain America movie. To be precise, Raleigh Latham , the young filmmaker who gave us the recent Captain America fan trailer, Captain America Teaser, has released a newer and more indepth Captain America movie trailer. This time it even includes a play on words, reversing the title of the official Marvel film and calling itself, Captain America: The Avenger. Since there is really no danger of people mistaking it for a trailer to the upcoming multimillion dollar official project, I think that playing with the future movie's title was a humourous touch. Anyway, just as I did with Raleigh's previous effort, I would like to share this newest one with my visitors as well(and don't worry, I have his blessing to do so).


It's old news about the Captain America movie - but it's still good news.

When news about anything is already a few days old, then is it really news anymore? When a news item concerning the upcoming Captain America movie from Marvel Entertainment has been floating around the interweb for at least a few days already before being offered up as a news item again by a major entertainment website such as with a more recent date, is it still really news?

I suppose that judging by the constant stream of fanboy reaction to this particular Cap movie tidbit in various internet forums and website blog comment sections it is still to be considered 'newsworthy'. I guess this latest Captain America movie update announcement is still being uncovered by many who might have otherwise missed it due to the Seasonal Holidays (Christmas or whichever other festive occasion one might be observing).

So what exactly is it that I am yammering on about here? Well, in the last week, Joe Johnston, Director of the upcoming The Last Avenger: Captain America, confirmed that he had a commencement date for the actual production or filming of the Marvel movie project. Here is how part of the announcement read in the mainstream entertainment media:

"Director Joe "The Wolfman" Johnston has confirmed that his comic book adaptation "Captain America: First Avenger", produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige, will start filming June 2010, from a screenplay by "Chronicles Of Narnia" writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely."(excerpt courtesy,

There you have it: news that is really actually non-news - unless you happened to be someone that actually believed that the Captain America movie was not really a sure thing to go ahead in the next year, which is a silly thought considering how committed Marvel is to this whole series of franchise films over the next couple of years, of which the Captain America movie is a capstone of (forgive me for the unintentional pun - really, it just happened, I swear). Of course the next thing that will be coming in the next little while will be the hightened speculation of just who will be cast to portray the iconic Marvel Super Hero. Once this choice has been made and the decision made public, then the fanboy frenzy will truly kick into a high gear; Captain America is arguably the last of the really key casting decisions to be made for the upcoming movies which help to set up the future Marvel Avengers movie, any other decision just does not seem as important to me as that of who will be playing Captain America. We already know who will be playing the roles of Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Loki, etc, and even though we all hope that the casting of the actors to play Bruce Banner (if recast from Edward Norton) and Hawkeye and maybe even Ant-Man and the Wasp are important to the quality of the future movies, really it is cap that will really matter.

After all, before they went and nailed it by casting Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man I don't believe that we all cared about the project quite as much, did we? And before Iron Man went and proved that Marvel Studios could do it itself and do it successfully, how much buzz did we really feel about the whole concept of a future series of movies based on key Marvel characters that would be self produced, in-house Marvel projects? Now, with its obvious initial success and signs that it will be able to keep the ball rolling, the stakes are markedly higher and the casting of Captain America reflects this.

Like everyone else, I will likely get caught up in the initial buzz over who Marvel ends up choosing to play such an iconic character; afterwards, I will try and not dwell on it too much and only pay attention to actual updates on the movie itself, as well as updates from any of the other Marvel movies in production.

Yes, I am a comic-reading, movie watching fanboy and proud of it. Now lets just hope that this film like so many others these days is being filmed in part in Vancouver so that I have at least a chance of snooping around the sets while in production...