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A new Captain America movie trailer (sort of).

Okay, obviously since production on the future Marvel movie, The First Avenger: Captain America, is not scheduled to begin until June 2010, there is little likelihood that there would already be any kind of official trailer released for it yet, however that is not to say that there are no trailers currently out there for a future Captain America movie. To be precise, Raleigh Latham , the young filmmaker who gave us the recent Captain America fan trailer, Captain America Teaser, has released a newer and more indepth Captain America movie trailer. This time it even includes a play on words, reversing the title of the official Marvel film and calling itself, Captain America: The Avenger. Since there is really no danger of people mistaking it for a trailer to the upcoming multimillion dollar official project, I think that playing with the future movie's title was a humourous touch. Anyway, just as I did with Raleigh's previous effort, I would like to share this newest one with my visitors as well(and don't worry, I have his blessing to do so).


It's old news about the Captain America movie - but it's still good news.

When news about anything is already a few days old, then is it really news anymore? When a news item concerning the upcoming Captain America movie from Marvel Entertainment has been floating around the interweb for at least a few days already before being offered up as a news item again by a major entertainment website such as with a more recent date, is it still really news?

I suppose that judging by the constant stream of fanboy reaction to this particular Cap movie tidbit in various internet forums and website blog comment sections it is still to be considered 'newsworthy'. I guess this latest Captain America movie update announcement is still being uncovered by many who might have otherwise missed it due to the Seasonal Holidays (Christmas or whichever other festive occasion one might be observing).

So what exactly is it that I am yammering on about here? Well, in the last week, Joe Johnston, Director of the upcoming The Last Avenger: Captain America, confirmed that he had a commencement date for the actual production or filming of the Marvel movie project. Here is how part of the announcement read in the mainstream entertainment media:

"Director Joe "The Wolfman" Johnston has confirmed that his comic book adaptation "Captain America: First Avenger", produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige, will start filming June 2010, from a screenplay by "Chronicles Of Narnia" writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely."(excerpt courtesy,

There you have it: news that is really actually non-news - unless you happened to be someone that actually believed that the Captain America movie was not really a sure thing to go ahead in the next year, which is a silly thought considering how committed Marvel is to this whole series of franchise films over the next couple of years, of which the Captain America movie is a capstone of (forgive me for the unintentional pun - really, it just happened, I swear). Of course the next thing that will be coming in the next little while will be the hightened speculation of just who will be cast to portray the iconic Marvel Super Hero. Once this choice has been made and the decision made public, then the fanboy frenzy will truly kick into a high gear; Captain America is arguably the last of the really key casting decisions to be made for the upcoming movies which help to set up the future Marvel Avengers movie, any other decision just does not seem as important to me as that of who will be playing Captain America. We already know who will be playing the roles of Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Loki, etc, and even though we all hope that the casting of the actors to play Bruce Banner (if recast from Edward Norton) and Hawkeye and maybe even Ant-Man and the Wasp are important to the quality of the future movies, really it is cap that will really matter.

After all, before they went and nailed it by casting Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man I don't believe that we all cared about the project quite as much, did we? And before Iron Man went and proved that Marvel Studios could do it itself and do it successfully, how much buzz did we really feel about the whole concept of a future series of movies based on key Marvel characters that would be self produced, in-house Marvel projects? Now, with its obvious initial success and signs that it will be able to keep the ball rolling, the stakes are markedly higher and the casting of Captain America reflects this.

Like everyone else, I will likely get caught up in the initial buzz over who Marvel ends up choosing to play such an iconic character; afterwards, I will try and not dwell on it too much and only pay attention to actual updates on the movie itself, as well as updates from any of the other Marvel movies in production.

Yes, I am a comic-reading, movie watching fanboy and proud of it. Now lets just hope that this film like so many others these days is being filmed in part in Vancouver so that I have at least a chance of snooping around the sets while in production...