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A cool Captain America Fan teaser trailer and a tip of the cowl to two very impressive Captain America-related blogs!

I have to admit, that since the mid-Summer San Diego Comicon state-of-the-union regarding the future Captain America movie from Marvel, I have been feeling somewhat more positive about the potential for this to be a well-made film. I am now more confident that we will eventually end up with The First Avenger: Captain America being a successful super hero period piece - something that is not always an easy feat. Until San Diego, I was concerned that we would see Captain America made as a modern day story with little more than a glance back to his WWII roots, something I would have found very, very disappointing without the proper back story already put in place in a movie. Another thing that has been fun to follow is the apparant increase in fan buzz over the upcoming Captain America movie. I have noticed no slowing to the inquiries on Google and other search engines from comic and movie fans wanting to know any avaiable details about the Marvel project. And of course there are the growing number of fan made faux Captain America movie posters and Captain America movie trailers - even the ones that consist of no more than graphics from the latest Marvel Universe video games, lol. Before I forget, I wanted to spotlight one particular fan made trailer that I thought aspects of were pretty well done; Below you will find the Captain America teaser trailer that was put together by a young student filmmaker, Raleigh Latham, who was only 21 at the time when he and some of his friends made this. Nicely done, Raleigh.

With the official Cap movie a good two years away, I expect to see a lot more such efforts showing up on the internet and that can only help to raise the profile of this project and help to fuel the buzz that is sure to grow around this future Marvel movie project.

I also wanted to give a tip of the hat to two different websites out there that frankly put my efforts to shame. Both of these sites clearly show a very strong appreciation for the Captain America character and deserve to be noticed by Captain America fans everywhere.

The first site is called Let's Rap With Cap, and is pretty much a no hold's barred look at all things Captain America. I especially appreciate the choice of logo for the site because of my own fond memories of the Captain America comic it borrows from.(John Byrne's run on the Cap comicbook was classic) At the time of my writing this, the site's creator, Rick, was having a double celebration of both his Birthday and one of his other blogs, Mail It To Team Up. (happy double-birthday, Rick!) He has even created a cool video to go along with an oldies-sounding Captain America theme song! I included it below for your viewing pleasure - but still make sure to visit his site!

The other site I was referring to is called the Captain Ameriblog, and apart from the very nifty site name, it offers (what I believe to be) a daily fix of something Captain America related; at the time I am writing this the site's creator, Jon K, was celebrating the Birthday of Jack "King" Kirby, one of the original creative forces behind Captain America and many other classic comicbook characters. If you are looking for anything Captain America related, odds are it has been or soon will be featyred by this site. I especially got a kick out of the recent pictures posted on there of an old Captain America Halloween costume, in part because I remember having a Batman costume made by the same manufacturuer when I was lil' kid! Ah, good times...

Well done, Jon. This is another site that definitely deserves some serious browsing time from comicbook fans. Well that about does it for me: I'm off now to go and enjoy me a couple of very cool Cap sites...