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Captain America movie in 2009 ? Nope, try 2011 instead

There have been some more concrete developments in the upcoming Captain America movie from Marvel Entertainment so it is time for a new post here.

First off, as you can see from this post's title, the scheduled release date for the upcoming film has been significantly pushed back from July 2009 to May 2011. I suspect that the delay in development of all the future Marvel projects is in part due to the recent writer's strike in Hollywood which affected many films in production. As well, the film now looks to be a springboard for the upcoming Avengers movie in 2011, and as such could not be released too far ahead of it.

What else? Well we have an updated title for the film: The First Avenger: Captain America, is the current working title for the upcoming Captain America movie. At this time I am still undecided about whether or not I will rename this blog to reflect that name change.

The other really big news is that we also now have a confirmed name for the director of the Captain America movie; the new director is veteran director Joe Johnston. It is nice to have this settled but alittle surprising considering that Marvel didn't do much to dismiss all of the talk about Nick Cassavetes being the preferred director. I wonder if marvel ended up with their first choice on this one? The title of the movie now makes it obvious how much Marvel plans to tie Captain America into whatever vision of the Avengers they choose to go with. As well, the dropping of hints about the existence of Captain America in the current Marvel 'movieverse' has been building up to the characters appearance at some point down the road as being abig deal. In case you have forgotten any of them, here is a quick checklist:

-the appearance of Captain America's shield in Iron Man

-the mention of the Super soldier program and the use of the resultant serum in the Incredible Hulk movie

-the supposed deleted scene with Captain America frozen in the Arctic ice that was included with the DVD release of the Hulk movie

I look forward to future easter eggs as future Marvel films are released. And of course I look forward to future updates on the Captain America movie, too!

A Black Captain America? Not according to Will Smith.

There hasn't been a lot of Captain America movie information to update you with recently, however there has been some new Marvel studios info to pass along so here goes.

There was the recent amusing rumour that Matthew McConaughey was in the running for the role of Captain America in the upcoming movie from Marvel. this has since been discredited, but the most recent rumour had Will Smith, who will next be seen in the Seven Pounds movie this December, being approached by Marvel Studios to see if he would be interested in the Captain America lead. Smith himself debunked this rumour during a brief interview the other day while at the same time Marvel executives made an effort to put out the speculation fires regarding the possibility of smith in the role. Of course, even with all of these denials, one has to keep in mind that he could still be in the running; if it is in the works, neither side would necessarily want to admit it until the papers are signed. As for why I don't think McConaughey was ever in the running: I don't think he is of the caliber of Hollywood star expected by Marvel to fill such a role. (you just know that Marvel would still love to see Brad Pitt in the role)

On a side note, I think it is a sad comment on preconceptions in any medium when you here that many comic book fans complained about the possibility that a Black man (Smith) might even be in the running to play a character that has traditionally been white. It almost makes me wish it was going to be Smith just to watch certain people choke on their own bile when he does a good job of it. Anyone remember the somewhat negative fan reaction when it was first announced that Heath Ledger would be playing the Joker? Hard to believe now, eh?

Until next time...

CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE: Super Soldier Easter Egg - A very pleasant surprise!

So I went and saw the new Incredible Hulk movie last Friday night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was actually quite a relief for me (an obvious comic book fan) that they had got it right. From the casting to the scripting and plotting to the CGI effects, they all seemed to mostly hit their marks.

Everybody was aware beforehand that there was going to be some sort of Tony Stark cameo by Robert Downey Jr, however the hinted at reference to the Captain America history was much more in-depth than I had expected or even imagined it would be in this movie.

At one point in the movie, Hurt's General Ross character is discussing the history of the Super Soldier program from World War II, and the results that they were aiming for with the development of the Super Soldier serum, implying that it had been kept 'on ice' since that time. They also suggested that the serum could be given in two stages to improve upon the human body's natural abilities. However, more than just talking about this, the movie went further and showed us exactly how this would affect the test subject by giving us a prolonged fight scene early on in the film in which Tim Roth (after being injected with the serum) takes on the Hulk; the scene was even replete with Matrix-like fight sequences (imagine body flips with gunplay mixed in and you get the idea).

In my opinion, this goes a long way towards setting up the framework for a future Captain America movie. I am now starting to really appreciate the new found freedom that Marvel Entertainment has with its movie properties now that they have chosen to go the self production route on these properties. This decision is starting to pay dividends and not only for the company but also for many Marvel comic book fans that are also Marvel comic book movies fans, too.

CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE: The pieces are on the board, Sir.

A Speculative Update.

There's not much to report in the way of updates for this Marvel movie project, however I can say that this site now has a distinct new look, thanks to the variety of colors that the blogger layout editor has to offer. On a less frivolous note, there has been some speculation thrown out there that Marvel Entertainment is carefully laying the foundations or framework for future continuity among all of its currently self-managed characters film properties; In the recent box office hit, Iron Man movie, there was a brief glimpse of the trademark Captain America shield seen in Tony Stark's personal development laboratory. In the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie, there are some supposed references to a 'super soldier serum', and to top it off, it is suggested that it might be a modified version of one used by the US military on other test subjects in the past, which would help to subtly place Captain America in the Hulk continuity. And since Tony Stark appears in the upcoming Hulk movie, that places the Iron Man franchise in step with the Hulk franchise as being in a similar continuity that acknowledges the Captain America mythos.

This would also be a good time to reflect on the concept that was introduced in the last moments of the Iron Man movie, the idea that there will at some point be an Avengers movie dealing with the team assembled under the supervision of S.H.I.E.L.D. , that takes its cue more from the Ultimates series than from the traditional Avengers comic book, replete with a patch-wearing Samuel Jackson.

Hope springs eternal for me that when the Captain America movie project is eventually produced, completed, and released on a waiting audience, it will be done right and to the satisfaction of those loyal fans of the iconic hero.

Captain America, F@#k Yeah!!

While we are waiting for any tidbits on any new Captain America movie trailer or anything at all to do with a new Captain America movie, I have something 'different' for you; now this is something that you can file under 'surreal' or 'bizarre. It is a wicked twist on something that was pretty cheesy to begin with, so I think that this is actually something of an improvement. So just what is it that I am prattling on about, anyway? It's the TEAM AMERICA theme wrapped around footage from the CAPTAIN AMERICA movie (from 1991)! Big surprise that this creation is something that can be found on Youtube, eh?

Yes, this may be bordering on blasphemous for some, but... deal, okay?

(oh, and enjoy the movie, too.)


Marvel Comics Revives Capt. America

[This isn't directly related to the upcoming Captain America movie, but it does reflect on the popularity of the character and why he is still considered a viable film property.]

By John Rogers, Associated Press Writer

Captain America, Once Dead and Gone, Is Back ... Sort Of.

It turns out you can't keep a good man down -- or even dead and buried -- when he wears a red, white and blue uniform and calls himself Captain America.

Marvel Comics, which killed off the veteran superhero almost a year ago, brought him back to life Wednesday -- sort of.

Captain America's alter-ego, Steve Rogers, is still resting in peace at Arlington National Cemetery, having been done in by assassins last March. But his good buddy and sidekick from the 1940s, Bucky Barnes, has picked up the bulletproof Captain America shield, put on a new uniform and taken his place.

What's that you say? Wouldn't Bucky be about 85 years old now? And without any real super powers to fall back on, isn't that kind of long in the tooth to be taking a bite out of crime?

Well, yeah. But remember, this is the comic book world we're talking about. Bucky was put in suspended animation by the evil Russians (back when they were evil) and stayed that way for the better part of 60 years.

"So he's probably in his late 20s right now," jokes Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada, who decided to promote him to Captain America.

Rogers' old sidekick had already returned to the Marvel pantheon of heroes some time back as the rugged Winter Soldier, redeeming himself for the years he'd spent under the control of the bad guys, who would occasionally thaw him out for evil deeds.

"We were toying with the idea of someone new taking over the mantle of Captain America," Quesada said by phone from his New York office. "But we kept coming back to Bucky. Not only because he seemed such an obvious choice but especially because of the fact that when we brought him back as the Winter Soldier he was so incredibly popular."

Barnes never swallowed the "Super Soldier Serum" that transformed the wimpy Rogers into the super-strong Captain America in the months before World War II. So he's at a bit of a disadvantage in his new role. But he's bulked up himself over the years, become a master at special operations and he's also packing some serious heat these days along with that mask and shield.

But forget about defeating enemies in the fantasy world. The people he will really have to win over are those notoriously finicky comic book readers.

Quesada says he isn't worried, however, adding that killing off Captain America last year seemed to give him new life with readers. The editor was taken aback when newspapers even carried obituaries on the character.

"Not since the 1940s have we seen Cap being this popular," he said.

Look what I found...

I was poking around on the interweb and came across some cheesy Captain America goodness; Below are the trailers for the last two Captain america movies, 1979 and 1989 respectively. Hopefully whatever is to come with the new Captain america movie will help us to forget the past ... well, except for when we need a good laugh, now and then. (Thanks to the folks at for making these two trailers available!)


captain america (1979)

captain america (1989)


I came across this tribute video to the last version of Captain America (from 1991). The actual film itself was pretty cheesy from all reports, but this little montage was nicely done and gives you an overall sense of where the movie was coming from.


A (really) early Captain America movie trailer...

While we wait for some new news on the upcoming Captain America movie, I thought you might enjoy this classic trailer from a much much earlier celluloid incarnation of the hero.



At this time, we don't really have much in the way of concrete information on any new Captain America movie; It is too early for us to dissect any early new captain america movie trailer, to early to ooh and ahh at any captain america movie poster, and definitely too early to drool over any captain america movie action figures. However, while we wait for further developments in this project, why not check out my Iron Man movie page over on Blogger. There you can catch all the latest Iron Man news, images and trailers from the upcoming Marvel movie.