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Captain America movie in 2009 ? Nope, try 2011 instead

There have been some more concrete developments in the upcoming Captain America movie from Marvel Entertainment so it is time for a new post here.

First off, as you can see from this post's title, the scheduled release date for the upcoming film has been significantly pushed back from July 2009 to May 2011. I suspect that the delay in development of all the future Marvel projects is in part due to the recent writer's strike in Hollywood which affected many films in production. As well, the film now looks to be a springboard for the upcoming Avengers movie in 2011, and as such could not be released too far ahead of it.

What else? Well we have an updated title for the film: The First Avenger: Captain America, is the current working title for the upcoming Captain America movie. At this time I am still undecided about whether or not I will rename this blog to reflect that name change.

The other really big news is that we also now have a confirmed name for the director of the Captain America movie; the new director is veteran director Joe Johnston. It is nice to have this settled but alittle surprising considering that Marvel didn't do much to dismiss all of the talk about Nick Cassavetes being the preferred director. I wonder if marvel ended up with their first choice on this one? The title of the movie now makes it obvious how much Marvel plans to tie Captain America into whatever vision of the Avengers they choose to go with. As well, the dropping of hints about the existence of Captain America in the current Marvel 'movieverse' has been building up to the characters appearance at some point down the road as being abig deal. In case you have forgotten any of them, here is a quick checklist:

-the appearance of Captain America's shield in Iron Man

-the mention of the Super soldier program and the use of the resultant serum in the Incredible Hulk movie

-the supposed deleted scene with Captain America frozen in the Arctic ice that was included with the DVD release of the Hulk movie

I look forward to future easter eggs as future Marvel films are released. And of course I look forward to future updates on the Captain America movie, too!