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A Chris Evans Captain America Movie casting rumour to (hopefully) end all rumours...

Well, I stated here before that I was going to hold off on posting much about any 'announced rumors' regarding who was in the running to be cast as Captain America in the future Captain America movie (and I know that with my last post here I kind of went against policy), however the latest rumour has followed a trtend that goes against most others so far so I feel justified in writing about it. A few days ago, the latest Cap rumour making the rounds was that actor Chris Evans had been offered the role of Captain America by the movie's producers; instead of this being followed a day later by substantial denials and dismissals, the rumour was instead met with mostly 'no comment' kinds of responses. Whenever you get that kind of response to a rumour you can bet that the agents of at least one of the parties involved would like the public to believe that it is true - for the sake of building up buzz around their client if for no other reason. Now this rumour went beyond all of those which see various young Hollywood leading men up for the part by being supplanted by brand new reports that are lent credence from at least a couple of sources and which claim that Evans has actually gone and accepted the studio's offer!

The report varies between him accepting a 9 picture deal and a 4 picture deal (with both claiming to include 3 Captain America films) which would see Evans taking part in the future Avengers movie as well. The following report from Lucas Siegel with Newsarama makes note of both a Twitter comment posted by Iron Man Director and Avengers movie Producer, Jon Favreau, as well as a comment made by an as yet unidentified Producer of one of the upcoming Marvel movie projects:

While not an official confirmation from Marvel Studios, Jon Favreau, who directed the two Iron Man movies and is a producer on team film The Avengers which will bring Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor together, just posted this on his personal Twitter account:

"Welcome to the new Captain. He continues the fine tradition of playing two Marvel characters!"

The Hollywood Reporter [earlier reported] that actor Chris Evans has accepted the role of Captain America in the coming film. The actor was, according to their sources, offered the role on Friday afternoon Mar 19, 2010, and "after thinking things over" has decided to play his third superhero, and his second major franchise from Marvel Comics. ... While the report has yet to be confirmed by Marvel or any of Evans representatives, THR is confident in their sources. Evans is 28 years old, and will fight alongside Robert Downey Jr., 45, and Chris Hemsworth, 26, in the coming Avengers film, as well as in his solo flick. In fact, the deal was rumored to be for 9 movies altogether, covering multiple sequels in both franchises, though Variety now reports that it is for 4; 3 "Cap" films and 1 "Avengers."

Personally, I did not really like Evans in the first Fantastic Four movie but thought that he was okay in the sequel. I was much more impressed with his performance in the movie Sunshine, which I saw on video late last year. I admit to feeling somewhat ambivalent about this apparent casting at this time since I see him as being capable of pulling off the iconic American superhero persona if given a decent script to work with. Of course we should soon expect to hear something official on the state of casting for the movie and then we can all have our 2cents worth on the subject...