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Look what I found...

I was poking around on the interweb and came across some cheesy Captain America goodness; Below are the trailers for the last two Captain america movies, 1979 and 1989 respectively. Hopefully whatever is to come with the new Captain america movie will help us to forget the past ... well, except for when we need a good laugh, now and then. (Thanks to the folks at for making these two trailers available!)


captain america (1979)

captain america (1989)


I came across this tribute video to the last version of Captain America (from 1991). The actual film itself was pretty cheesy from all reports, but this little montage was nicely done and gives you an overall sense of where the movie was coming from.


A (really) early Captain America movie trailer...

While we wait for some new news on the upcoming Captain America movie, I thought you might enjoy this classic trailer from a much much earlier celluloid incarnation of the hero.



At this time, we don't really have much in the way of concrete information on any new Captain America movie; It is too early for us to dissect any early new captain america movie trailer, to early to ooh and ahh at any captain america movie poster, and definitely too early to drool over any captain america movie action figures. However, while we wait for further developments in this project, why not check out my Iron Man movie page over on Blogger. There you can catch all the latest Iron Man news, images and trailers from the upcoming Marvel movie.