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CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE: The pieces are on the board, Sir.

A Speculative Update.

There's not much to report in the way of updates for this Marvel movie project, however I can say that this site now has a distinct new look, thanks to the variety of colors that the blogger layout editor has to offer. On a less frivolous note, there has been some speculation thrown out there that Marvel Entertainment is carefully laying the foundations or framework for future continuity among all of its currently self-managed characters film properties; In the recent box office hit, Iron Man movie, there was a brief glimpse of the trademark Captain America shield seen in Tony Stark's personal development laboratory. In the upcoming Incredible Hulk movie, there are some supposed references to a 'super soldier serum', and to top it off, it is suggested that it might be a modified version of one used by the US military on other test subjects in the past, which would help to subtly place Captain America in the Hulk continuity. And since Tony Stark appears in the upcoming Hulk movie, that places the Iron Man franchise in step with the Hulk franchise as being in a similar continuity that acknowledges the Captain America mythos.

This would also be a good time to reflect on the concept that was introduced in the last moments of the Iron Man movie, the idea that there will at some point be an Avengers movie dealing with the team assembled under the supervision of S.H.I.E.L.D. , that takes its cue more from the Ultimates series than from the traditional Avengers comic book, replete with a patch-wearing Samuel Jackson.

Hope springs eternal for me that when the Captain America movie project is eventually produced, completed, and released on a waiting audience, it will be done right and to the satisfaction of those loyal fans of the iconic hero.

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