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So much Captain America Movie news to sift through (and a few dancing girls, too!)

Okay, here's the deal.

Recently, we have started to hear a lot more with regards to the details surrounding the upcoming, The First Avenger: Captain America movie from Marvel. In fact we have started to really hear a lot about it, and soon enough we will be hearing more because the principal casting is (hopefully) going to be completed and announced to the World by the start of next month.(according to the movie's Director, Joe Johnston) Originally I had intended to update this here blog with seperate updates or posts with the requisite interview clips reproduced as the various bits and pieces were made available to us, however I think it might just be more prudent if I just put forth summaries of movie update info with less posts. (yes, I am lazy, but that is not the only reason for this decision, lol)

The most recent updates of interest came from the series of press interviews that Johnston gave for the imminent release of his movie, The Wolfman. Johnson was kind enough to reveal in those interviews that the main villain of the future Captain America movie would be the Red Skull. Really this is probably no surprise to anyone with any working knowledge of the Captain America character, since the Red Skull is such an integral part of the whole Captain America mythos. Even today, with the Death and recent Rebirth of the character, the Red Skull played a key part to both storylines.

Another really cool piece of news (at least to me) is that we now pretty much know how they plan to justify the character's costume in the movie universe; according to Johnston, the costume will originally be introduced as the on-stage performing outfit worn by Cap during an initial point in the movie when he is used by the military as solely a USO performer to help boost troops moral overseas. The idea here is that the military is too afraid of losing their one of a kind super soldier (Cap) to enemy fire and so decide to relegate him to stage duty as a song and dance man. Seriously, I kid you not. Following with this idea, the first version of the costume will be a based on the original Jack Kirby design that was first seen in the comicbooks. After Cap abandons the USO tour the costume is expected to be transformed into a more realistically designed version of the flag-suit, such as that seen in the Marvel Ultimates universe.

So we could see a metamorphosis along thse lines:

The Kirby Cap...

'Now, for my next number...'

Finally, its time to get 'real'...

One last thing to pass along at this time is the fact that Johnston admitted that the WWII super-group, The Invaders could be a big part of the second half of the movie. Its interesting to see Marvel maintain this idea since that group was originally a creation of Roy Thomas during his time spent with Marvel in the Seventies which has been used effectively in recent storylines in the regular Captain America comic. If this indeed ends up being the case, it will be interesting to see if there is any similar retro feel to the use of these characters that I believe was present during some of the newsreel footage scenes of Watchmen.  With all of these costume possibilities floating around, it makes me wonder what we can expect to see down the road when the marketing storm that will be the Captain America movie touches down: will we see some retro Cap toys such as action figures or even bobbleheads adorned with several variations of the Cap costume we have come to know over the decades?

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