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Chris Pine is in for Captain America Movie? Maybe, maybe not.

I have to say that I am not really a fan of posting about any and all rumors that might just possibly be true, hence my lack of regular posts on here regarding the latest names dropped in the rumour mill for who will play the lead in the future Captain America movie, however this latest one I chose not to ignore because it comes just before the casting is supposed to be finalized by the movie's director, Joe Johnston. Word on the internet is that actor Chris Pine (most recently seen as Captain James T. Kirk in the hugely successful franchise-reebooting Star Trek movie) is in negotiations with Marvel and Paramount to play the lead role of Steve Rogers/Captain America. Although this story has been reproiduced in many different places, it seems like it originally sprung forth from one initial report. We all know how shaky that can turn out to be.

Ironically,just as I might be offering up my own opinions about whether or not this would be a good pick for the role of the iconic super hero, I came across a report that seems pretty reliable that pretty much dismissed the Chris Pine rumours; website posted some feedback from sources closer to Pine claiming that there has been no real offer from Marvel or Paramount for the part of Captain America in the movie. You can see their take on this here.  It is at this point that I also feel that I should apologiseif anyone else feels that this site is starting to feel just a little too much like another one of those run of the mill gossip blogs or another celebrity blog. lol

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