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One last post: Why this is 'good-bye' to this site, but not to the Captain America movie

When I started this site about two years ago, there was not quite the fuss being made about any upcoming Marvel movies in general and definitely nowhere near as much fuss being made about any future Captain America movie.  Heck, at the time we did not know who would be starring in the film or even know what the title for any future Cap flick would be. (of course since that time we have all learned that Marvel will be rolling out the film under the banner of: The First Avenger: Captain America and we have a near complete handle on who exactly the film's cast will be comprised of)  I think that at the time I started on here, I actually was playing around (in my head at least) with the idea of starting a blog site for each of the future Marvel movies that I knew were upcoming and that I was at all interested in seeing produced.  Of course we all know about noble intentions and how big plans can seem oh so doable at the start but soon enough they just seem oh so impractical.  That was my eventual realization with my brain wave of throwing up separate sites for those future movies.

Recently I have been thinking about how interested I was in doing something that covers or is inclusive of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole and not just one movie in particular. I have really had some fun putting up my opinions for the whole world to see - and they have been seen by more than  few visitors so far (try an average of 300 to 400 surfers per day at this point, stats backed by a site-wide statcounter that tracks how many unique visitors have come to the site)  I have come to the decision that maybe my time posting online would be better served if I were instead posting my thoughts to a website dedicated to the Marvel movies as a whole, and since I obviously do not have the mental fortitude to maintain several Marvel-based sites simultaneously, the only other alternative that seems left open to me is to - with somne trepidation - decide to close the door on any new posts to this here Captain America movie site and instead focus my efforts on just one Marvel movie blog.  Following this decision, I have taken the liberty of starting up a new blog called, appropriately enough, the Marvel Zombie Movie Patrol. Why the Marvel Zombie Movie Patrol? Well to be honest, I have considered myself to be something of a Marvel zombie when it comes to my interest in the marvel movie projects over the last couple of years, and years ago, I used to be something of a Marvel comics fan - almost to  the extent that I was sort of guilty of being a 'Marvel Zombie', lol.  I cannot deny it.  You can reach this new blog over at

 With this site I am looking forward to the freedom that it will obviously give me to discuss all things Marvel.  I chose to stay with Blogger as a platform because so far it has served all of my needs, and of course being a free host to use also doesn't hurt. (although in the back of my head there is the thought that somewhere in the not too distant future I might take the plunge and switch over to paid hosting and start using Wordpress or something similar, but who knows)  So feel free to check out the new(er) site and see what fanboy opinions I have to offer up, whether it be about the future Captain America movie in particular or about upcoming Marvel movies in general!

  One final note: I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the decent individuals out there who gave me and my funny little site the time of day, whether it was one of the many internet visitors or one of the many other Captain America fans out there who helped me out by exchanging links with their own Captain America websites, helping to make their followers aware that my site even existed. Most recently, I would like to thank Mr. Chris La Tray for taking the time out of his own schedule to put together a very heart felt opinion piece for this site; Chris is someone whom I consider to be a real blogger who is very dedicated to maintaining his own blog ( which actually gets real returning readers. (something that all bloggers long for)  Thanks again Chris.

  Finally, thanks to all of you for making this site a pleasure to keep going for the last two years, even when there wasn't really anything Captain America movie-related of note going on to talk about - that's when you realize that you are committed, or maybe need to be, lol...  Okay, everybody, this is the point in my ramblings when I say good bye and, I hope, subsequently hello to many of you on the other side of the Marvel movie rainbow...
All the Best,