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The Implications Of IM2's Success For Captain America's Future Movie

Well this past week was a big deal for Comic movie fans. Last weekend the super-mega hyped Iron Man sequel, Iron Man 2 (crazy title, eh?) made it into theaters across North America. The movie had already been released a week before in some other parts of the world, such as parts of Europe, and had reportedly alrerady cleared $100 million from those advanced releases. That was apretty good sign of things to come over here and sure enough, over it's opening weekend, IM2 cleared waayy over that amount - however the exact amount eludes me at the moment. I had planned to see the movie over the opening weekend but a few things kept me from doing so; I was busy with my Mum on Mothers Day (ahh), I was kept distracted by the NHL Playoffs which have been crazy amazing good this year, and I tried to work my way through a few rental DVDs that have been sitting around awhile.

So there you go for some excuses.

The release of the new Iron Man movie also signifies something else - at least for me. The movie is a kind of herald of the next wave of Marvel movies that we all know are coming over the next few years. The first Iron Man movie was a first shot by Marvel to see if they could successfully produce their own feature films based on their line of Marvel comics characters - a very rich source of material for future film projects/movie licences. I see the huge success of Iron Man as being the public reassurance that Marvel needed to cement its plans to move forward on all of the other key film projects that it had waiting in the wings and which were all but confirmed at the time. These films include:

The Iron Man sequel, Iron Man 2
The Thor movie
The First Avenger: Captain America
The Avengers movie
A Possible Ant-Man project

See all of these films were ones that Marvel wanted to develope but that you just know they were kind of holding back from confirming dates on until they saw how well Iron Man would do. The success of IM is the reason we are seeing IM2 in theaters right now and the reason that we will be seeing all of these other Marvel movies over the next few years - as well as the reason that we can expect multiple sequels to such films as the Avengers or Captain America. Good thing Marvel believed in multiple picture deals with stars like Robert Downey Junior before he hit it big with Iron Man!

Another interesting thing for me is the success over the last six months or so of the 3D movie; i suppose that it is no surprise really that even Marvel wants to get on board this potential gravy train with new reports being released that Marvel Entertainment would like to have the Captain America movie be released as a 3D feature film. I am only okay with this plan if the film is shot for 3D (like Avatar) and doesn't just have the 3D effect parachuted in after the fact (ala Clash Of The Titans). If that were to be the case, I would probably go for the regular 2D version instead.

Okay that's enough from me: it's time for me to start thinking about going out and lining up for IM2...

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