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IM2: Pumping up the volume for Thor, Captain America, and all the other Mighty Avengers

Okay, I did it: last weekend I got my ass in gear and went and saw Iron Man 2. It was a busy Friday night at the downtown megaplex, so it was a good thing that I had purchased my ticket online hours in advance. (As an aside to this, it is also pretty cool that the online ticket, printed out at home, lets you walk right by the long line-ups and right up to the ticket taker/checker and on to the theater)

  My thoughts?  Well, I don't really feel like getting into a serious review of the film right here and now, however I will say that if you liked the first Iron Man movie then you will most likely end up enjoying this sequel; there are enough of the same elements in both films and the principle characters get time to be more fully developed - even minor supporting characters such as SHIELD Agent Coulson are given some more face time to at least develop their personalities a little more.  I thought that Scarlet Johannson did a decent enough job with what she was given. (I did not think that her character was given enough time to be much more than a plot device for bringing SHIELD and Samuel Jackson tighter into the storyline)  I was okay with Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Whiplash as a foil for Robert Downey Junior, even though his character had nothing to do with the Whiplash from the comic book series that I read for years as a kid.

  There is no denying that the pre-eminent focus of IM2 was to show that Marvel has a larger World view when it comes to the development of their self-managed "Marvel Cinematic Universe". (their name for it, not mine)  I am not the first one to suggest that IM2 was not much more than a feature length trailer for the upcoming Thor and Captain America movie, as well as the eventual Marvel Avengers movie, replete with multiple references to the "Avengers Initiative", as well as several well placed hints to the Marvel movie future, however I am not at all complaining; If Marvel wants to aim high by hinting at much bigger and better things to come from them and can then deliver, hats off to them for it and for the large amount of enjoyment that they will most likely bring for moviegoers like myself.  For the record, I think that they can do it.

BTW, in case you haven't heard already: you really should stay until the end of the closing credits of IM2 for a neat little bonus scene. (similar to the Easter egg they gave us last time around at the end of IM1, and one which I won't spoil for anyone here)

BTW2, did you all know that the Ed Norton The Incredible Hulk movie is considered to be set  or take place sometime after the events of IM2 but before Avengers? The extra scene involving Tony Stark and General Ross at the end of the Hulk movie makes a lot more sense when viewed in that context, no?


 I have some rough ideas about what I will be hoping to cover with this here little blog in the next few posts; One thing that I am hoping to have is at least one guest post believe it or not.  I think that it sounds funny to be mentioning the idea of a guest post on a blog as esoteric as this, but if someone says that they have something to contribute who am I to turn a blind eye? (okay, so maybe I almost begged someone to write something for here, lol)

One thing I might do is blather on a bit about the way the merchandising landscape has changed for Marvel and how you can have fun watching it change again in the near future!

  Another idea I am toying with is the introduction of a feature that will look at the predicted reasons for any given future Marvel movie to succeed or fail; A Future 'PASS or FAIL', if you will, and yes it would be partly tongue in cheek.

  Okay it's late and I'm spent, so consider this me signing off...

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