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Save some $$ on your Cap-related merchandise before the future Captain America movie arrives...

Save some money while shopping for Captain America...

I realize that this here site is supposed to br dedicated to the upcoming Captain America movie, and that there is as of yet no official Captain America movie merchandise available for purchase by eager super hero movie fans, but I am writing this post on the assumption that many of you who have ended up here did so because you are big Cap fans, right? As such, I am also assuming that maybe once in a while you get the hankering to purchase Captain America related merchandise, whether it be a Captain America action figure or a Captain America t shirt or Captain America poster. Well, do'ya?

Anyway, I am just bringing this up because I recently was made aware of a website that makes it possible for you to actually get some cash back while shopping for the above-mentioned kind of super hero swag.

The site is called Mr. Rebates and basically, it allows you to get some money back in the form of a cash back rebate just by shopping from a long list of online retailers; you just sign up (for free, of course), browse their list of retailers to see if any of them are ones that you are interested in or by category or product to see if they have what you want available at any of their listed retailers at a what you consider a decent price. After that you just go ahead and make your purchase and the rebate gets credited to your account. The minimum amount that you need to earn through the Mr Rebates site before you can cash out is $10, not too hard to reach. The payout options include cheque by mail and paypal so they have a few options available and either one only takes a few business days to process. they have afew big names on their lists, such as Toys R Us, Sears, and Wal Mart, so there are some decent choices available as well as some decent discount coupons. To be honest, I would not have even considered posting about this on here except that when i decided to fool around on the site and do a search for "Captain America" in their merchandise search I was floored by the number of results that I got. Below is just a sampling of what I found for sale through their online retail partners - many of which were at a discounted price and all of it offered with a cash back rebate value of some kind:

Captain America magazines
Captain America graphic novels
Captain America T shirts/Tee shirts
Captain America Halloween costumes for both children and adults, as well as Cap boot covers and a Captain America shield accessory for any Cap costume (!)
Captain America ... EDT!! (the more masculine name for Eau De Toilet spray, and just in case you don't believe me on this one I have the picture of it included right below)
Captain America action figures, bobble-heads and statues, as well as an authentic Captain America Secret Wars series action figure - still in its vintage 1984 packaging! the weird thing here is that it is Toys R Us that is offering this baby for sale on their website...

Okay, I could go on but i think you get the idea. If you think that you might be in the market for any Captain America related swag before the actual movie related stuff hits the markets and before the buzz for the movie gets to the point where current Cap stuff starts to disapear from store shelves, maybe you should give Mr. Rebates a look-see.

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