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Captain America Posters: The Sentinel of Liberty on display.

The aim of this site is to help keep Captain America fans informed about the status of the upcoming Captain America movie, The First Avenger: Captain America. The reality is that I am just a Cap fan helping to put information out there for other Cap fans. As a fan of comic book-based movies in general, one of the things I get a kick out of are comic book movie posters and movie trailers in general, and fan-made movie posters and movie trailers in particular. To be honest, I have not yet seen any fan trailers that really piqued my interest but I have seen a few fan-made Captain America movie posters that I think are actually quite well done. I have collected here a few poster images from past Captain America movie efforts, as well as what I consider to be two of the better fan-made posters around (other than the one already on display in the upper-right hand corner of this site's home page) to share with you (along with a couple of odds and ends) - hopefully for your enjoyment, lol.

1940's Captain America Movie Serials

These two posters are lobby-card style promo sheets for the earliest Captain America movie efforts from the 1940's. If you want to see the original trailer for the early serial, you can find it on my website by visiting the early Captain America trailer page.

Captain America movie (1990-1992)

This is the official theatrical poster for the last Captain America feature film effort. Although it was advertised on the poster as a Spring 1990 release, various production delays saw the movie held back from release until 1992, at which point it only saw a limited theatrical release in some US markets and in Europe. The film was eventually released onto the video market and to cable television in the Fall of 1992.

The First Avenger: Captain America (fan-made poster)

This is probably my favourite of the fan-made movie posters; I am not sure if the image is a reworking of some other movie poster, such as Saving Private Ryan, or other war film, but it is very stark and effective in its design.

The First Avenger: Captain America (fan-made poster)

This is the other fan poster that I think really works well; it reminds me of a recent cover to the current Captain America comic series. Simple, yet effective.

Anti-drug Awareness poster (1989)

This is an anti-drugs program awareness poster released in conjunction with the FBI back in 1989. Very standard, it's nothing too exciting to be sure, but I just included it here more for it's retro-kitsch value.

Message/Moral poster

This one is intriguing to me because I first assumed that it was more or less mocking the concept behind Captain America standing up for the rights and liberties of the individual in society, but after further thought I realized that I am not sure if it is mocking or actually giving props to someone shown to be standing up for these principles. Either way I thought it was worth including it here with these other Captain America posters for your own evaluation.


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