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A Captain America movie set in WW II...

I was recently musing on the possibilities for the upcoming Captain America Movie from Marvel Entertainment; it sounds as though the powers that be want to see the film set during World War II. I personally have no problems with this idea, even if there is no follow up to modern day by the end of the film. As a comicbook fan I appreciate the idea of being faithful to the Captain America origin story, which of course would necessitate the film being a period piece. I think that this is an interesting gamble for Marvel: a period piece might not be as successful for Marvel as something set in modern day and Marvel will really need this film to be asuccess as it will be the lead in for their subsequent film project, the avengers Movie.

I also believe that on at least an almost subversive level that Marvel has already begun the campaign to make comic readers more accepting of or open to the idea of a WWII Captain America movie; over the last year, I have noticed a steady stream of Captain America comics being released (in both mini-series and one shot format) that have storylines set in WWII or at least devote a large portion of the storyline to WWII flashbacks. I guess with the original Cap ( AKA Steve Rogers) recently deceased any new stories featuring that incarnation of the character must heavily reference the past. Oh, and yes, I am saying all this mostly tongue-in-cheek. Just watch the new comic racks over the next six months to a year and see for yourself if I am off base with this theory or not.

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